6KW Solar System

24 X 250 W Solar Panels

24 x 250 Watt high efficiency solar panel (6000 Watts)

6 kW Inverter

Extended 10 years warranty option available on selected inverters

Output: from 7,664 to 10,950 kWh/year*

Roof Area Required : 43.2 m2

Certified Australian Standard mountings

Specially selected by our engineer’s team

Australian standard high quality electrical material

Installation by CEC accredited electricians. 120 months workmanship warranty available


25“ 30 years performance warranty

10 “ 12 Years manufacturer’s warranty on photovoltaic panels

5 Years Standard warranty on inverters.


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Note: We have special installation offers Australia wide for solar panel systems. The level of savings a customer will make depends on their location and their individual circumstances.