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Solar Feed in tarrif

State Solar Feed-In Tariffs

State and Territory governments across Australia have adopted different approaches to what is normally referred to as a Solar Feed-In Tariff, sometimes known as a Solar Bonus Scheme or Solar buy-back scheme.

Solar Feed-in Tariffs are a payment for the clean energy that your solar panels feed back into the grid. There have been many changes to feed-in tariff legislation in all States and Territories over the past few years. (For an overview of the current incentives offered see our summary table below.)

Although the premium tariffs are no longer in place, homeowners can take advantage of low solar PV system pricesIncreasing electricity costs are now the main reason to invest in a solar PV system, as it offers home owners a real means of taking control of their energy bills.

Available Feed-In Tariff schemes

The Solar Feed-in Tariff schemes that are currently available in Australia are all ‘net’ schemes. A net Feed-in Tariff rewards you for each unit of solar power that you have exported to the electrical grid.
The following table summarises the current status of Solar Feed-In Tariffs and Solar Buyback schemes across the states and territories of Australia – it is relevant for households thinking about going solar today.